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Hair Conditioner | Making 25 kg of hair conditioner

Hair Conditioner | Making 25 kg of hair conditioner

The development of the manufacture of detergents and cosmetics and increasing the needs of consumers to use cosmetic hair products with the characteristics and recipes that meet their needs and desires, has led to the efforts of specialists of chemists to make products for hair capable of increasing its softness and shine and preventing its tangle, and hair conditioner is one of the most important materials prepared in this regard.

The principle of making hair conditioner

The principle of hair conditioner industry depends on the reaction of fatty alcohol , Like Sterile Alcohols with ammonium alkyl solutions , Containing the positive NH4 stray , The reaction results in the replacement of hydrogen in the alcoholic hydroxyl group with positive-charged ammonium splint, and when used on the hair all negative charges are withdrawn from the hair, which increases its softness and prevents its tangle. Some types of oils can be added to the formula as they add additional qualities to the final product such as strengthening the hair and preventing its loss.

Materials used in the manufacture of hair conditioner

1-Cetyl alcohol

Cetyl alcohol ، also known as hexadecan-1-ol and palmityl alcohol, is a C-16 fatty alcohol with the formula CH3(CH2)15OH. At room temperature

It is a solid white crust, fused at 49°C, and boils at 344°C, and is also used in the manufacture of creams and its role as a moisturizing, emulsified and thicker

2- Cetrimonium chloride

Cetrimonium chloride, or cetyltrimethylammonium chloride (CTAC) , And it's the solutions to different ammonium derivatives. It works on the process of interdependence and it is important to know its focus.

3- Various oils:

Many types of oils can be used according to their purpose as each type of oil has a range of benefits, and oils in general are characterized by their ability to penetrate into the hair follicle to give them the necessary food and health, protecting them from breakage, damage and wrinkle.

We mention these oils:

1- Castor oil: helps to germinate hair from the roots and contributes to its density, as well as helping to moisturize the hair to contain amino acids that strengthen the hair.

2- Sesame oil: contains vitamins B, E , and some amino acids and helps to germinate and moisturize hair from the roots.

3- Sweet almond oil : contains vitamin B, E and helps to grow hair and prevent its loss.

4- Olive oil : activates the blood circulation of the hair and helps to grow and makes the hair soft and easy to style, and contains antioxidants and vitamins B, E and amino acids and fatty all these substances help to grow hair and prevent it from falling and breakage.

5- Peppermint Oil: Nourishes the roots of the hair which stimulates the flow Blood in the head and contributes to hair lengthening.

6- Jojoba oil: promotes hair growth and helps to repair it and gives it health.

7- Lavender oil: fights dandruff and itching and helps in lengthening hair.

8- Rosemary oil: contains calcium, iron and vitamin B where these elements address the problem of weak hair and prevent the appearance of early graying, and help to treat the scalp of dandruff and dehydration where it helps to rid the hair of toxins and dirt that clog its pores.

9- Avocado oil: contains vitamins B, E, A,D and proteins, stimulates hair growth and treats wrinkle problems and repairs damage.

10- Argan oil: gives hair a smooth and shiny touch, addresses the problem of breakage and facilitates hair styling.

11- Lemon oil: treats dry hair and treats the scalp from the dandruff as it can be used on oily hair where it eliminates lice and eggs.

The material used in the mixture 25kg creamy hair conditioner:

1- Distilled water 22 kg

2- Cetyl alcohol 2 kg

3-Cetrimonium chloride 1.5 kg

4- Various oils: sweet almond oil - Jamaican castor oil (black) - peppermint oil - olive oil.

5- Preservative 25 g parmitol or sodium benzoate.

6- Distinctive fragrance from 200 to 250g (according to request and desire)

The modus operandi of 25kg hair conditioner with steps and arrangements:

  1. Heat the necessary water until it is boiling (90°C) and then put it in the mixing barrel.
  2. Dissolve the Cetyl alcohol in hot water with stirring well and continue stirring until completely melting and the water reaches 70 degrees Celsius.
  3. Add the required oils (to taste) about 5 g of each oil (1 teaspoon) 
  4. Add the preservative and then fragrance.
  5. Add Cetrimonium chloride gradually with continuous in good stirring and quick until you get the desired shape of the final product.

Very important remarks:

  1.  The temperature should be confirmed well until the Cetyl alcohol dissolves, and the other additions are made before the large drop in the water temperature, so that the wax does not crystallize again and the granules appear when it interacts with Cetrimonium chloride .
  2.  Good and fast stirring in all stages of the mixture is very important.
  3.  If the amount of Cetrimonium chloride added to 1.5 kg, and did not get the required creamy form, the reason may be that the heat of the water is still a little high so you should stop adding, and take a little of it with a teaspoon and cool it by blowing it if it becomes like cream we stop stirring and we are done with the mixture.

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