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 Scented and versatile cleanser | The best way to make a perfumer and cleaner for floors, furniture and for all uses

Scented and versatile cleanser | The best way to make a perfumer and cleaner for floors, furniture and for all uses

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The third method:

High quality multi-purpose floor freshener industry:

This product plays two roles, the role of a scented material for floors and the role of cleaning material for furniture, floors, car brushes and much more..........

It is a popular product currently popular, and this product is divided into two parts, a cleansing part produced from the surface-used active substance, and an air-freshener that results from the carrying of fragrance molecules on an alcoholic substance that helps them spread rapidly in the air.

Start to learn about the raw materials used:

  • Water 93 kg
  • Citric acid 50g
  • sulfonic acid 3kg
  • sodium hydroxide 400g
  • Ethanol (medical alcohol) 2.25 kg
  • perfum (1.5 to 2) kg
  • preservative (formalin -parmetol) 150g
  • pigment 2g

How to work:

  • Fill the mixing barrel with 93 kg of water.
  • Add 50 g Citric acid , which acts as a water filter and gives high transparency to the product.
  • Put the amount of sulfonic acid 3 kg and mix well
  • Add 400 g sodium hydroxide to modify sulfonic acid to form the cleansing part of the product.
  • We measure the medium PH if it is acidic add a little sodium hydroxide until it reaches PH=7, and if it is alkaline add a little Citric acid.
  • After confirming the medium PH we add the fragrance and preferably watery from 1.5 to 2kg
  • We add 2.25 kg of ethanol, which acts as a carrier of fragrance molecules and when using the perfume increases the speed of its spread in the surrounding environment because of the speed of its volatility in the air.
  • Add 150g of preservatives such as formalin or parmetol.
  • Add a pigment suitable for the used fragrance about 2g and continue mixing well

Leave the mixture then until it calms down and all the bubbles come out of it, and then to the packing directly.

So we've got a high-quality scented and versatile cleanser with a good aroma and cleanness.

Important remarks:

  • SLES can be used instead of sulfonic acid and sodium hydroxide while increasing the amount of SLES used.
  • Every 1kg sulfonic acid needs 130 to 135 g sodium hydroxide.
  • Warns against the use of industrial methanol as an alcohol instead of medical ethanol because it may lead to poisoning

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