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 Mixers used in the manufacture of liquid detergents - types - methods Confused

Mixers used in the manufacture of liquid detergents - types - methods Confused

Liquid mixer - Mixing Tanks - liquid soap mixer - mixer liquid -solid liquid mixer - liquid mixers soap flipping mixer - sticky liquid mixer - mixing liquid soap - shampoo mixers and detergents - types used for large, medium and small projects - use - methods This is what we will know in detail in this article....

Fluid mixing machine:

Mixing is to move the materials used in the manufacture of the mixture (detergent) required with the aim of melting the material in the solvent (water) and achieve Homogeneity so that the final shape is homogeneous and confused in one direction with the clock to avoid the many foams and reduce production time

In order to do the mixing process, we need a tool to move the materials and we will review all the fluid mixing machines used in the detergent industry for all levels of work from large companies to simple household specifications.

Classification of detergent fluid mixers and specifications:

Mixing Tanks single jacket and double jacket:

Mixing Tanks double jacket

Mixing Tanks single jacket

It is used in large, medium and even small factories where it is in multiple measurements ranging from 25 kg to 2 tons and more for large companies

They vary in their specifications according to their purpose and the customer's request and the most important specifications in them:

  • Size mixer
  •  weight mixer
  •  length mixer
  •  high mixer
  • electric power
  •  mixer rotation speed

  • It is very practical and leads to increased production speed and reduced voltage
  • The difference between the mixer is a single jacket and a double jacket that the double jacket consists of two layers through which it can pass hot water or steam if the desired product needs to be heated and prices range from $500 to $5000 and more

2- Liquid mixers for small projects:

If one of us wants to start a small project to make liquid detergents with a small capital, he will not be able to buy a ready mixer with the mixing tank and will not meet the required purpose and will be a burden instead of being helpful and speeding up the production process

So to start a small project, we have to think of a way of mixing a process that matches With our project we will review some forms of liquid mixers suitable and practical for such projects with images for clarification.

Sticky liquid mixer up to 1 ton capacity:

Sticky liquid mixer up to 1 ton capacity

It is a 4 hp engine with a non-rust-proof chrome tube with an X axis that makes rotational motion and at the end of it astral blades to achieve The best mixing possible and fix escality (can be made fixed or on a free-moving slide) and connects on an electric crane to control height and electric plate for operation and fire can add Inverter to control speeds and uses plastic drums capacity 100 to 220 kg for mixing and thus gives greater flexibility to work in our small project and greater productivity and lower costs

And there are other forms of simple mixers that can be used.

simple mixers

simple mixers

3- Fluid mixers for micro-works:

There are many of these mixers available on the market At cheap prices as described in the pictures but it benefits only small quantities and from its touch that it is tired and low yield and many instalments but it is met for the purpose of a micro project

Finally, in the absence of any mixing method from what we mentioned, it can be moving manually using a wooden stick, but it is tiring and requires more effort and time to produce a very small amount.

And so we've outlined all the ways possible confusion and thank you for your visit

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