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 The way dish washing liquid is made professionally and of high quality

The way dish washing liquid is made professionally and of high quality

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Exclusively the method of making liquid soap for washing dishes, liquid jelly dishes liquid soap comparable to Bril (detergent brands) in terms of quality, materials used and attributed to the way liquid soap works in order and detail.....

Welcome to the R&B channel and welcome to a new article on the detergent industry on today's theme we will learn how to make liquid soap with professionalism and high quality comparable to other products such as Brill.

There are a lot of articles on the web explaining ways To make dishwashing liquid But it lacks the professionalism and quality standards needed for the industry, provides false information and becomes popular among many of those interested in the industry. Dear Visitor Read the full article and Think about All steps well and you'll get dishwashing liquid Like big companies.

Key points before starting to make dish washing liquid

First, in order to be able to get a product of high quality dish-clear liquid, you should recognize some of the main points: 

  • raw materials used in the manufacture of dishwashing liquid. Its specifications, sources and role in the product. 
  • The basic specifications of liquid soap that determine its quality
  •  Mixing methods and types of Mixers used in the manufacture of dishwashing liquid.

Each of these points is an important topic that you need to know and understand well before you start experimenting with the professional soap mix that we will talk about in detail.

You will find a detailed explanation of each point we have mentioned in your R&B channel, please read it well and for any queries, email us through the Page (Contact Us) for assistance.

How to make 1 ton of dish washing liquid with a concentration of 20%

First- The concentration of active substances superficially in liquid soap is one of the most important specifications that determine the quality of soap produced liquid soap of high quality the ratio of the active substance is superficial between 18-20% to know how to calculate the concentration (ratio of active substance) for any mixture followed from here.

II- To prepare an experimental mixture can be reduced by division by division by the required percentage for example: to mix 100 kg divide the mixture by 10 to mix 10 kg divide the mixture by 100 and so on............

3- The unit used is the weight unit (kg) you can convert to the unit of fluid quantity (liters) taking into account the factors of density and viscosity

Raw materials needed to make (1 ton) of dish washing liquid

Quantitative                           raw material

Water                                    717 kg

(Citric acid                            0.25 kg

Sodium hydroxide                        10.7 kg

Sulfonic acid                             80 kg

Texabon70                                 140kg

DEA                                         5kg

Glycerin                                 2.5 kg

CAPB (pb4)                                 30kg

Preservative (Formalin - Parmetol ....)     1.5 kg

Dye (appropriate color)            from 20-30 g

Perfume (to order)                from 3-3.5 kg

Sodium chlorinated salt solution   from 7-10 kg

The method of work

  • Put the water in (tank -barrel -bowl) mixing
  •  add citric acid with stirring to melt
  •  add the amount of sulfonic acid required, stirring well about 5 minutes
  • Add caustic soda and continue stirring about 5-8 minutes To make sure that the acid interacts completely, 
  • we add the Texabon70 in intermittent batches with good stirring until you make sure it melts completely 
  • after this stage we measure (acidity of the medium PH) and make sure the acidity of the medium using ph meter or paper Ph
  • If it is higher than 7 add a little citric acid until the value reaches 7 

if it is less than 7 add a little caustic soda until the acidity adjustment

 to learn more about the ph pH and methods The measuring tools and ph suitable for all detergents invite you my friend to read this article (here)

  • After confirming the acidity of the center add the DEA, stirring about 5 minutes
  • Then add the glycerin with the stirring
  • After that we add the preservative and the appropriate dye and the appropriate perfume
  •  leave the mixture for a period of time from 12 hours or until the next day and here you play several factors in the comfort of the mixture and its duration and the most important factors are the method of mixing and the machine used and the direction of mixing so as not to show a lot of foam and weather factors of cold ness and heat and in the industry requires speed and shorten the time of rest of the mixture as possible
  • After the break of the mixture and the exit of all bubbles from the liquid we add the solution of sodium chlorine salt gradually and quickly mix slowly until we reach the desired viscosity 

and thus we get a high quality product and specifications of liquid soap with high concentration and high transparency and excellent viscosity and a refreshing smell and rain yew of the hands.

Important remarks

  • Sulfonic acid and sodium hydroxide are their quantity to match the amount of a package make sure the quantities are accurately 
  • every 1 kg of sulfonic needs from 0.130 to 0.135 caustic soda
  • Make sure the pH is good because it affects the health of the consumer and the effectiveness of preservatives and pigment
  • make to purify the solution of sodium chlorine salt from impurities before using it and do not use iodine salt 
  • to get a product of higher quality or less control the amount of water used to increase or reduce the cost

Thank you for visiting us.

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